Previous Directors and Supervisors 
  List of Directors and Supervisors
Updated: 2016.03.04
Board of Directors, 2nd-Term
 Francisco H.L. Ou (Executive
 Louis W.H. Tzen (Executive Director)
 Chi-Tai Feng (Executive Director)
 Chih-Min Lan
 Michael Y. M. Kau
 Benjamin J. Y. Lo
 Benjamin Y. P. Liang

Jaw-ling Joanne Chang
 Shiouh-Guang Wu
 Board of Directors, 1st-Term

 Francisco H.L. Ou (Executive Director)
 Louis W.H. Tzen (Executive Director)
 Mien-Sheng Hsu (Executived Director)
 Chih-Min Lan
 Michael Y. M. Kau
 Benjamin J. Y. Lo
 Kelly W. C. Hsieh
 Chien-Yeh Wang
 Tsai-Chiu Hwang

                      Board of Supervisors, 2nd-Term
 Wei-Jen Hu (
Managing/Executive Supervisor)
 Kao-Cheng Wang
 Ming-Yen Wu

Board of Supervisors, 1st-Term
 Wei-Jen Hu (
Managing/Executive Supervisor)
 Chung-Yi Lee
 Shou-Han Chen