Leadership and Governing Bodies

AFR has three main bodies which interact with its leadership: The General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Supervisors. In addition, it also has several advisors and senior advisors. The diagram below outlines the structure of our organization. For more information about the leadership and secretariat, please click the silver tabs on the left. 


General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all of AFR’s current members. The body meets once a year to discuss and review the organization’s annual report. The meeting of the General Assembly represents a special opportunity for all current members to socialize face to face and discuss important global or regional issues.

Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors
The Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors are responsible for leading and managing AFR’s development policy and financial matters. They review the member application qualifications, approve the organization’s budget plan, propose structural or operational changes, and vote on amendments.

Advisors and Senior Advisors

Advisors and Senior Advisors are experienced and respected individuals involved in public service, academia, and business (among other fields) who generously provide additional advice to AFR initiatives when needed.