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Issues 7- 12

Taiwan Weekly is a newsletter released every week by Fair Winds Foundation and Association of Foreign Relations that provides coverage and perspectives into the latest developments in Taiwan.
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Issue 7
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Tsai's Doctoral Dissertation: Controversy And Developments
Issue 8 
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U.S. Senate Committee Passes TAIPEI Act To Strengthen Taiwan's Alliances
Issue 9
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Manipulating Fear, Taiwan Under DPP Falls Into Danger
Issue 10
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Tsai, Han Wrestle China Policy on 10/10 National Day
Issue 11
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Taiwan Reverses Bar On HK Murder Suspect Wishing To Surrender
  • Featured News: Suitcase Murder Suspect Requests Assistance To Surrender Himself To Taiwan
  • Featured News: Tsai Administration Reverses Course: Taiwan Sends Letter To Hong Kong Seeking To Retrieve Murder Suspect
  • Featured Editorial: Tsai Administration Against Extradition To Taiwan, Pretends It Never Demanded Repatriation
  • Featured Opinion: Refusing To Let Suspect Surrender, Tsai Administration Harvests Political Dividends And Sells Out Judicial Sovereignty
  • This Week in Taiwan: Other Important Events This Week
Issue 12
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Premier's "Demon" Name-Calling Stirs Controversy
  • Featured News: Premier Su’s "Demon" Comments Caused Outcry In Legal Community Chen: Politicians Lying Have Become Common Phenomenon
  • Featured Editorial: Tsai Administration Should Not Manipulate Murder Suspect Case To Create More Fear
  • Featured Opinion: Did You Forget Your Attorney’s Oath? Attorney Su Tseng-chang
  • This Week in Taiwan: Other Important Events This Week

Photo from: United Daily News,  Facebook Page, The Storm Media