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Taiwan Weekly is a newsletter released every week by Fair Winds Foundation and Association of Foreign Relations that provides coverage and perspectives into the latest developments in Taiwan.
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Issue 13
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Taiwan Court Criticized for Compensating 2014 Sunflower Protesters
Issue 14 
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How Should Taiwan Respond To China's Latest Favorable Treatment Measures
Issue 15
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DPP, KMT Criticized For At-Large Legislator Nominees
  • Featured News: President Tsai Intervenes In At-Large Legislator Nominations To Suppress Premier Su And Raise Yu
  • Featured Editorial: KMT Confirms Most Embarassing At-Large Legislator Nominees, Han: Falls Short Of Peoples Expectations
  • Featured OpinionEven A Well-Designed Democracy Has Turned Into A Graveyard Of Self-Interest
  • This Week in TaiwanOther Important Events This Week
Issue 16
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Self-Claimed Spy Fugitive Puts Spotlight on External Interference in Taiwan's Elections
  • Featured News: DPP Plays China-Phobic Card: Fake Spy is Fraudster, Self-Claimed Interference in Taiwan Elections Bogus
  • Featured EditorialExclusive Interview: Former Deputy Director of Military Intelligence Bureau Says Account by Self-Claimed Chinese Spy is Non-Sense
  • Featured Opinion:  If Wang Was Truly a Chinese Spy Who Sabotaged Taiwan’s Elections
  • This Week in Taiwan: Other Important Events This Week
Issue 17
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DPP Plays China-Phobic Card in 2020 Election, Pushes Anti-Infiltration Bill
Issue 18
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Diplomat's Death Exposes DPP's Shady Internet Army

Photo from:  United Daily News,  China Timeshttp://www.taiwan.cn/