AFR Vice Chairman Linghu delivered speeches on his life in foreign service & international etiquette
In the last month of 2017, Ambassador Bruce J. D. Lingfu, Vice Chairman of the Association of Foreign Relations, delivered speeches on his life in foreign service, international etiquette and diplomatic practice in National Pingtung University (Dec. 13th), Chung Hwa University of Medicinal Technology (Dec. 20th), National University of Tainan (Dec. 26th) and Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science (Dec. 26th). 
Ambassador Linghu shared with the students his 30-year experience as a diplomat, and pointed out with examples the importance of understanding various religious, political, cultural, historical and racial taboos in different areas not only to show respect but also to avoid inappropriate behavior and words. 
Ambassador Linghu also mentioned that in addition to on international occasions, manners also matter in everyday life including one’s interaction with their peers and seniors to foster good interpersonal relationships. Lastly, Ambassador Linghu encouraged the students to actively build on all sorts of knowledge and skills for one day they would shine in different fields. 
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