News Coverage: Lecture on “What’s next for US-China trade tensions? On Taiwan’s economic strategic
The Association of Foreign Relations and the ROC-USA Business Council jointly hold a lecture on “What’s next for US-China trade tensions? On Taiwan’s economic strategic layout” at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs on 30 May 2018, attracting a large audience of more than a hundred people. 

Both Ambassador Francisco Hong-lien Ou, Chairman of ROC-USA Business Council, and Amabassador Andrew Li-yan Hsia, Chairman of the Association of Foreign Relations, give opening and welcome remarks. 

While Dr. Ming-te Sun, Director of Microeconomic Forecasting Center, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, touches on Taiwan's economic outlook in the aftermath of US-China Trade tensions, Dr. Chung-chien Teng, Professor of Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, addresses the political interpretaion of US-China trade tensions and its lessons. 

News Coverage (in Mandarin Chinese): 
中美貿易戰變為「打巷戰」 孫明德:川普為選票會輕輕放下(東森新聞雲)/China-US trade war becomes "battle in the streets," Ming-te Sun: Trump might take a light stance in return for votes (ETtoday)
學者:台灣景氣將受陸美貿易戰影響(中國時報工商時報)//Scholars: Taiwan's economic prospects affected by trade war between Mainland China & US (the China Times, Commercial times)
鄧中堅:惠台措吸45歲以下年輕人為生產力 (中評社)/Chung-chien Teng: Mainland China's 31 incentives to lure Taiwanese labor force under 45 (China Review News)
孫明德:中美貿易戰從大戰場轉入巷戰(中評社)/Ming-te Sun: China-US trade war from big battlegrounds to alleys
貿易戰硝煙再起 學者:從空戰打到巷戰(大紀元)/Looming trade war again, Scholars: from airstrikes to street battles (the Epoch Times)
孫明德︰中若轉嫁上游 台灣將遭殃(自由時報)/Ming-te Sun: If directed upstream by Mainland China, Taiwan suffers (the Literty Times)
《台灣重要政經日程》--5月30日-12月31日(路透社)/Important Political-economic calendar, Taiwan, May 30-Dec 31 (Reuters)