Tribunal's ruling 'incorrect;' Taiwan need not accept it: Dr. Kwei-Bo Huang
Taipei, July 12, 2016 (CNA)

A Taiwan scholar said Tuesday that the international arbitration court's ruling on South China Sea islands was based on "incorrect" Western perspectives on how an island should support human habitation.

Furthermore, since Taiwan was not part of the litigation, its government does not have to accept the ruling, said Huang Kwei-bo (黃奎博), secretary general of the Association of Foreign Relations, a non-profit group that promotes Taiwan's foreign and cross-strait relations.

In a case brought by the Philippines against China in the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the international tribunal ruled Tuesday that Spratly Islands (including Itu Aba, Thitu, West York Island, Spratly Island, North-East Cay, South-West Cay) in the South China Sea are legally "rocks" that do not generate an exclusive economic zone or continental shelf.

But Huang said the members of the tribunal were using their personal experience to make judgments on whether Taiping Island (Itu Aba), which has been under the Republic of China jurisdiction since 1946, can sustain human habitation.

The fact is that there are ground wells that produce fresh water, an ecology in which chickens can be raised and vegetables and fruits can be grown, and surrounding waters in which fish can be caught, he said.

"So there are basically no problems of supporting human life on Taiping Island," which lies 1600 kilometers southwest of Taiwan, Huang said.

The court's ruling on Taiping Island was "incorrect" and evidently far removed from fact, he said.

Huang also said that since Taiwan was not part of the arbitration process, its government does not have to accept the ruling. 
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