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  Live: Seminar on The Ris... 2019-06-17  
AFR Chairman Andrew L.Y. Hsia will moderate a keynote panel session featuring General John Allen, President of the Brookings Institutions, June 17, 2019 at 12:50-13:30, i...
  AFR has begun to offer m... 2019-05-13  
The Association of Foreign Relations (AFR) has begun to offer more English info on its website to improve and replenish AFR's online presence. Please click on the abo...
  AFR Secretary-General on... 2019-05-03  
AFR Secretary-General Kwei-bo Huang's commentary "Consolidating ROC Diplomatic Ties with Soloman Islands Does Not Rely Solely on Diplomats' Hard Work / The C...
A Bridge for Taiwan's Global Future
Founded by diverse incumbent and former officials, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, and scholars, the Association for Foreign Relations (AFR) is Taiwan’s premier non-profit global outreach organization. AFR serves as a vital, non-partisan bridge between Taiwan’s civil and governmental organizations, not only developing existing ties between concerned parties, but also initiating new, meaningful cross-Strait relations and global part...